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With many higher education institutions, both public and private, Lisbon offers a wide range of university courses in various areas and levels of study. Due to the Bologna system, there are available qualifications – bachelors, masters and doctorates – which are in line with the european and international education system, validating education degrees based on a common system of credits (ECTS – European Credit Transfer System) and facilitating the mobility of students. The bachelor corresponds to the 1st cycle and has a duration of three years.

The master degree refers to the 2nd cycle and has a duration of 2 years. A doctorate has a duration of three years and corresponds to the 3rd cycle. There are also postgraduate university courses (“pós-graduações”), with a duration of one year and other,  not confering a degree.


The information on this search engine includes educational provision of the following higher education institutions : “ISCTE-IUL”, “Universidade de Lisboa”, “Universidade Aberta”, “Universidade Católica”, “Universidade Lusófona” and “Instituto Politécnico de Lisboa”.

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1) Use the “Course” field to search only by the name of the course; use the field “Free search” when you want the search covering other fields (ex.: University)

2) Always use complete words and expressions. For example, if you are looking for an “environmental engineering” course, enter all of the expression “environmental engineering”, not just part of it

3) As many more fields you select and fill, the better will be the search result

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