2,8 million inhabitants in the Lisbon region (of which 548 thousand in the city)

317 thousand companies (of which 93,000 in the city)

64 billion Euros is the GDP of the Lisbon region.

37% is the total value that represents the Lisbon region’s economy in relation to the national GDP.

5 million guests each year, with more than half of these coming from foreign markets, with particular emphasis to Spain, Brazil, France, Germany, UK and Italy.

1,8% GDP is spent in R&D in the Lisbon region.

Over 1⁄4 of the population in the city has a higher academic qualification.

138 thousand high education students enrolled in 2013/2014, in the Lisbon region, with particular emphasis on health and management .

36 thousand high education graduates in the year 2012/2013, in the Lisbon region, with particular emphasis on health, management and social sciences and engineering, responsible for over 50% 50% of these diplomas .

96 Higher education institutions and polytechnic institutes both public and private, in the Region of Lisbon.

157 Investigation and research centers.

3 Scientific parks (LISPOLIS, TAGUSPARK and MADANPARK).

16 Business incubators.

Source: Lisbon City Council – DG Economy and Innovation. Lisbon Economy in Numbers. 2014